russ anthony

Giclée prints

Below are the initial prints available from the 'taloned', 'ethereal', 'wild', 'america(r)na' and 'countenance' series. The image size of the print is that of the original work and to allow for signing and mounting a two inch plain white border fully surrounds the image. Each work is strictly limited to 100 prints and will be signed and numbered by myself.

Please note, due to individual monitor settings there may be slight variations in tone and colour. Regarding the actual quality of the prints, this is what my printer has to say...

"Printed onto the highest quality archival substrates and using only very specialised pigmented K3 inks, our prints have the remarkable colour saturation and continuous tone characteristics one would expect of an original painting. In fact, distinguishing one from an original can be very difficult, even to the expert eye.

Our prints are generally produced on acid-free calcium carbonate-buffered archival watercolour or Rag paper or onto fine archival-quality cotton canvas coated with an acid free primer. On light-fastness, the ink and paper combinations generally used meet the standards of both the Fine Art Trade Guild's blue wool scale and those of Wilhelm Imaging Research in America.

And, leaving aside the technical specification, the quality of the print is fantastic!"